Sign Up & Redesign



EduRoadmap reached out to me for my expertise and experience with form design after discovering my work through a free design resource I had online. EduRoadmap is a place to track employee education and certifications for both companies and employees. After the initial form redesign, they asked me to redesign much of the logged in experience.

Time Frame

I worked with EduRoadmap part-time for over 6 months.


EduRoadmap was in Alpha so I had to rely on the stakeholders to give context. I made sure to understand the users goals before redesigning each page. After I would sketch out some wireframes on paper and send them over. Once we agreed upon the desired improvements, the users goals, and wireframes, I created the mock up with “real fake” data. This allowed me to spot the flaws and constraints in the design. 


It was difficult designing solo, so in order to improve my design I partnered with another design and we regularly got together, or sent screenshots, to review each others designs and provide feedback. Another challenge came up when reviewing the pages design after it was built. Although I had provided specs, the remote development team was not able to execute the design. To help with this, I had them add me to their Github and I was able to make the necessary tweaks to the css. 


The signup form has done well for them and is still in use. They are currently now in Beta and will be launching soon. 

Areas for Improvement

I would like to simplify the different types of styling and create a more atomic system so that future pages are easier for them to put together and still have look good.